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Since my youngest age I've been programming stuff.

Here is some of it.

It's all licensed AGPL3, so help yourself.

J'ai toujours aimé programmer.

Voici quelques-uns des trucs pondus pour faciliter mon quotidien.

Servez-vous en: je les mets tous sous licence AGPL3.

Nom Type Description
Name Type Description
1531/3115 DOS .exe + C sources .MOD/.NST converter — converts 4ch/15samples modules into 4ch/31samples modules, and the other way around.
CHE (CHordmap Editor) Javascript web application Chordmap notepad as a private web application.
MarkDown Reader (MDR) PHP web application Displays Markdown (or Markdown Extra) as HTML.
array_count_nonempty() PHP function Returns the amount of non-empty elements in an array.
array_clean() PHP function Removes empty elements from an array, recursively.
in_array_recursive() PHP function Same as in_array, but search is recursive.
on_the_dot() PHP function Rounds a timestamp the hour, discarding minutes and seconds.
is_email() PHP function Check whether a string is a valid email address.
percent() PHP function Returns, adds or substract a percentage.
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